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Shinya's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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...I am never drinking again [10.17.2004 at 7:39pm.]
[ mood | hungover ]

I have been having some interesting nights. I hate myself. I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself.. I hate myself. And I hate that Die cares. he has to stop caring about me. I hate my self.


[10.04.2004 at 5:45pm.]

I went to Kyo's house, then he came to mine. that was my great day. privateCollapse ) hopefully I'll see him later, he hasn't been in school. But, that's okay.



[10.02.2004 at 5:55pm.]
everything is weird. Why am I even updating this?

[09.25.2004 at 11:53am.]
I have been doing nothing.
I met a boy named Toshiya, he was nice.
I haven't spoken to Kyo today..I want to but I can't get in touch with him. oh well. He'll come around when he wants to. that's just how he is. untill then I'll sit here. yep.


[09.19.2004 at 8:56am.]
[ mood | confused ]

so far. . I've met two people who are actually nice. One boy was named Die... he had really red hair. The oher was Kyo, that was sort of interesting. I like him, hn. privateCollapse )Um... well on the first day nothing new happened. I ate lunch in the bathroom with Kyo, who lives far away from the school so was taking the bullet train home which was broken. So I went to tell him and mom gave him a ride home. the next day he came over for a bit. he beat me at soul calobur a zillion times. oh well... privateCollapse ) So now I have to do my chem homework before I fail out of that class after two days.



ooc [09.18.2004 at 11:44am.]

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